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HFT Presents On Christmas Day in the Morning

On Christmas Day in the Morning

Dec 6,7,8 13,14,15
Friday, Saturday @ 7:00 Sunday @ 2:00

Lucy James is the most obstinate yet adorable orphan to ever live at the Little Angels Home for Orphans. She was adopted seven times in the last year, but she kept coming back! It wasn’t that her adoptive parents did not want her, but she found THEM wanting. On this Christmas of 1935, Little Angels is in trouble and may not be around another year. With what the orphans believe to be divine intervention, a bus breaks down, bringing the almost famous traveling evangelist Eva Maria Albergotti, her entourage, and one lonely traveler to the orphanage door. In this motley group of travelers, Lucy finds the father she had in mind. When he confesses he would not know how to be a parent to a child who was not his own, Lucy reminds him of a carpenter named Joseph who was once was called upon to raise a child not his own. As Christmas Day dawns, each person discovers what it means to be a family — and a child of God.